In The Creator's Honor and The Fallen's Wisdom, we fight on: undying, like The Flame of a Phoenix, yet with Elegance of a Rose.
A1RPG (used to be known as Team Honors) is a team and public community that gathers people from various MMOs and wants to play together without the hassle and trouble of random players. We were all strangers at some point and were seeking other people to play an MMO with, even if we all have different play times and play styles. We welcome all people of different cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicity to apply/join if interested.

Demographic of The Members:
We are all well-rounded and noone tries to be a gaming elitist or disrespectful. We all do our best to be mature and respectful to each other. However, most of us enjoy watching anime and talking about other games, and of course life. Furthermore, most of us are ages 18+ and have a working job.
It's very difficult to find well-rounded yet open-minded and respectable people to game with. Here are some common problems with MMOs today.
  • That cannot communicate well or have zero communication skills at all
  • Do not have a desire to read and play the game better
  • That only play the game to show-off their wallet, damage, and be toxic
  • That play the game because of hype, but then quit within the first month
  • That only care about rankings instead of focusing on good atmosphere
  • Do not try to put in effort into the team or community and expect to be hand fed everyday

With A1RPG, we hope to avoid and prevent those problems from happening (more explained in #rules and per MMO game we play on), and we will always try to adapt ourselves to be fair and maximize for fun while also trying to be efficient.

These rules are our CORE rules applied to every MMO we play and also apply to everyone of rank, membership, and status in A1RPG (including the leaders, officers, etc.). We try to keep it simple so it's easy to understand.
    At A1RPG and Community we enforce:
  • No drama (healthy arguments are okay) or toxicity, which also includes harrassment, hate speech, threats, and any category of harsh discrimination.
    • If this happens, all involved parties are expected an appropriate apology and solution or they will be removed from the guild/team of the MMO.
    • This rule also follows a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY technique. If the above step is not met, both members or parties are removed.
    • The removed members or parties can return back to the MMO guild/team after a time-frame of a month AND they reconciled with the other member or parties and noticed their mistake.
  • If you are found to be an opportunitist, backstabber, sabotager (any one of the listed characteristics in extreme levels); you will be evicted/banned immediately.
    • You cannot come back for 3-months. If you want to try and join again, you will have to contact anyone higher than the Officer rank.
      1. You will be asked to write a 1 page essay detailing what you did and what went wrong, and what to do better.
      2. You will offer some sort of compenstation equal to the damage you may have caused.
      3. You will not be able to gain any rank other than member until after a year of good service.
  • Do not share personal information with other members if you DO NOT feel comfortable in doing so (do not do so anyways by default).
  • No hacking the MMO, taking advantage of exploits, and abusing in-game report systems and related.
  • Respect and also follow the MMO's Terms of Service and conditions.

With these core rules in place, we hope to alleviate certain players away from the team and community and foster ourselves with a good environment of players. There may also be additional rules per MMO, which you can visit through the menu navigation bar.

What About Quitting:
You can quit and leave anytime if you feel unhappy here (you don't have to tell us either). It's also okay to let us know if life gets in the way and you need to take a break momentarily or quit altogether; we won't dismiss you without a true A1RPG farewell.
Here is a brief history and legacy of A1RPG(s)... It all started with the interest of some random strangers that wanted to play games with more people that are respectful, open-minded, patient, and empathetic (it's simply just that; generic and simple). With that said, Xaiyeon coined the acronym for the listed characteristics as R.O.P.E. The ROPE method is the base foundation for having a strong team created by Xaiyeon.

So far, the most notable games where A1RPG members made considerable impact are Gunbound, Mabinogi, Dungeon Fighter Online, Swordsman Online, and Phantasy Star Online 2. Hopefully, we can continue to live life (working, etc) and have more fun in the future.
A status overview on the current games we're/were playing. These games are the ones where the core members have established a guild related to A1RPG or similar. These are listed in chronological order, starting from ~2003 to the present (unless stated below).
Format:[year_started?] GAME (Guild Name) - STATUS=ACTIVE, DEAD, PASSIVE
  • [2020-2022] Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (Lunaneer) - DEAD
  • [2020] Phantasy Star Online 2 (Meiyokishi / Honors) - DEAD
  • Swordsman Online (BalambGarden / GenesiS / KnightS) - DEAD
  • Black Desert Online (???) - DEAD
  • Continent of The Ninth (TeamOutVision) - DEAD
  • Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second (???) - DEAD
  • Elsword (???) - DEAD
  • Aura Kingdom (???) - DEAD
  • Dungeon Fighter Online (SunKoiWish) - DEAD
  • [2008] Mabinogi (Honor / Honors, Bond) - DEAD
  • Maplestory (DivinePheonix / DivinePhoenix) - DEAD
  • [2003] Gunbound (Honor, Noob2Pro, GBHeroes) - DEAD

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