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pso2 bannor for A1RPG
Last Updated on: June 1, 2021 - We will try to update this page (if necessary) every month.
Current Stats and Overview of our alliance/team in PSO2.

Ship and Purpose:

Currently, A1RPG (Honors) resides on Ship 1 of PSO2 NA server. The alliance is back and chiller than better! If you want to join us, search Meiyokishi on the visiphone or contact a discord mod.

Restructuring is coming soon due to lack of player base and decline of active members.

Most of us play in the PDT/PST, CST, and EST timezone and log in mostly during night time respectively.
Our goals for PSO2 is mostly fashion-related, playing efficiently, and having fun and chilling. Occasionally, we will organize some fun and easy events with prizes only for members. Lastly, we are all excited for the future of the PSO series as a whole.
Our Member Activity:
Daily Logins: ~8+, Weekly Logins: ~20+, Monthly Logins: ~35+,
Our Stats & Tree:

The tree now has LVL 8 ATK and Rare Drop Rate

We mostly use Discord to communicate with each other as well as using the guild chat in-game.

Although you can apply via the visiphone within the game (last priority), you can also contact the core members of the alliance/team via Discord, if you want to join. You will be asked three simple questions.This method of joining only applies to PSO2.
  • What made you interested in joining A1RPG?
  • What is your main classes's current level and how many alts do you have?
  • Consider this situation: a stranger helped you get a job at a place, coincidentally you found out your best friend also works there, however the stranger wants you to help get rid of your best friend through shady practices so both of you can possibly get promoted quicker. The stranger doesn't know that your best friend and you are best friends, but tells you that your best friend is not a hard worker. How would you handle the situation?

  • To join via Discord contact any of the below:
    Roisu ~ Zhou Xiaohua #5108 | MMORPG Veteran
    LeBarcode #4650 | GrandMaster in StarCraft 2

    These rules only apply to PSO2 and can also be found on our Discord.

    Criteria, Clean-up, and Maintenance of Members:
    c1. New members are put on provisional for 3-days, if they login 4 times in that week, they will be a member and it never degrades unless they haven't logged for over a month or commented in the R&R Talk. Purges will happen at least twice every month (4 and 20).
    c2. All members are able to be promoted when asked based on their willingness to help and cooperation.
    c3. No one is obligated to share real information about themselves when asked and do not pester/harass other members if they feel uncomfortable.
    c4. Any major changes will be added here and the alliance-updates channel as well. Alliance-announcements are for non-structural announcements (u1).

    r1. If a member wants their friend to join, they are allowed to but are still subject to the criteria above (c1) except for level requirements (g1).
    r2. Although ages of 18+ is preferred, as long as they can be mature and respectful, they are welcomed.

    Gear and Levels:
    g1. Players must at least be lv.50+ for PSO2 and okay gear (if not, we can help with that if they are willing before joining)

    u1. Everything is always subject to change if it's way too strict or not in good faith.

    Leaving or Termination:
    l1. No one is obligated to stay with the team/alliance, you are free to leave without telling anyone, but constructive feedback would be appreciated.
    Team Happy (PSO2 NA - Ship 1)

    After Hours (PSO2 NA - Ship 1)

    Fleeting Dreams (PSO2 NA - Ship 1)
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