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pso2 bannor for A1RPG
Last Updated on: July 17, 2021 - We will try to update this page (if necessary) every month.
Current Stats and Overview of our alliance/team in PSO2: New Genesis.

Ship and Purpose:


Our Member Activity:
Daily Logins: ~20+, from Discord/OnlineGame Stats
Weekly Logins: ~100+, from Discord/OnlineGame Stats
Monthly Logins: ~500+, from Discord/OnlineGame Stats
Our Stats & Tree:

The tree has LVL 8 ATK and Rare Drop Rate in base PSO2

Information in PSO2 New Genesis:

We mostly use Discord to communicate with each other as well as using the guild chat in-game.

Although you can apply via the visiphone within the game (last priority), you can also contact the core members of the alliance/team via Discord, if you want to join. You will be asked five simple questions. This method of joining only applies to PSO2NGS.

  • What made you interested in joining A1RPG's PSO2NGS alliance?
  • Is this your first MMORPG?
      If Yes: What made you interested in playing PSO2NGS?
      If No: What MMORPG have you played the longest and why?
  • How often do you log into the game?
  • What is your main classes's current level, highest gear/power score, and your preferred play style?
  • Consider this situation: a stranger helped you get a job at a place, coincidentally you found out your best friend also works there, however the stranger wants you to help get rid of your best friend through shady practices so both of you can possibly get promoted quicker. The stranger doesn't know that your best friend and you are best friends, but tells you that your best friend is not a hard worker. How would you handle the situation?

  • To join via Discord, chat in the guest channel, or contact any of the below:
    Roisu ~ Zhou Xiaohua #5108
    LeBarcode #4650

    To join/apply via Form Application, click the button below:

    Lunaneer Application



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